Thursday, 10 June 2021

Doing an experiment at Tech!

Hi guys, so today at tech we did a very cool and interesting experiment. We also got to use some equipment that we had never used before. What we had to do was see the difference with hot and cold. We also got to used sugar as well. We had to see how long it would take for the sugar to dissolve in the different types of water temperature. My partner was Finau and we had so much fun. One thing I liked about was testing the new equipment.  There are some pictures at the bottom on what were the things we used. I can't wait for next week to see what we do next. ENJOY!

Topic 3!


Measure an exact amount of sugar and dissolve in water to make solution


 A weighing machine

A petri dish

Table sugar

Two 200 ml beakers

Water in a pouring container

A pipette 



Stop watch 


Check the temperature before testing it. Now see if your temperature went down. This is with the cold water. Then  measured 10 grams of sugar. After that get your stopwatch. As soon as you add in the sugar then start your timer.Start stirring the sugar with the water with a spatula. Once the sugar has fully dissolved then you stop the stopwatch.Usually the time would take about 1:30 seconds or around that time.Now repeat the same things with the hot water.


Temp of the cold water:23

Temp of the hot water:77

Time taken to dissolve in cold water:1:38 sec

Time taken to dissolve in hot water:22 sec

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