Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Tuvalu Maths (Task 2)

Here is my task 2 for Tuvalu Language Week. This week for Maths and Literacy we are pretty much learning about Tuvalu. Anyways remember to STAY SAFE!

Tuvalu History Facts ( Task 2)

 As you may know from my last post it is Tuvalu Language Week. Yesterday for my task I translated some Tuvalu phrases. Well today here are some history facts about Tuvalu. To be honest I didn't even know Tuvalu was a country at all. Now that we're learning about it, it is very interesting. Anyway I hope you learn something and remember to STAY SAFE!

Monday, 27 September 2021

Tuvalu Maths (Task 1)

 This is my maths task 1 for Tuvalu language week. It is about perimeter and area. I hope you enjoy and learn something. Also STAY SAFE!

Translating Tuvalu phrases! (Task 1)

 This week is TUVALU LANGUAGE WEEK! Not only that, but it is also sadly the last week of the term. Anyways here is some Tuvalu phrases translated. This is just one of my 5 task. So expect more to come I hope that you learn something about the Tuvalu language and remember to STAY SAFE!

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Hard Materials Task!

 Today in our tech lesson we got to do something fun at the beginning. We got to do the test to see if we remembered the basic wood tools. Now its not your average test it was like a game with a score. I got 9/9, oh and did I mention we had to do this in under 2 minutes. The second was quite challenging because we had to do the same thing, but in a pac-man way. After that we had to do our task which was to find a photo and recreate it, but with google drawings. I did a 2 different types of tow trucks. This was really fun and as always this really made me wish that I was actually in the work shop. Anyways I can;t wait for the last session next week for the term. Always remember to STAY SAFE!

Make a copy of this doc, Name it, YournameDesign and share it with me.  (

Remember, only the joint is made from the first piece of

wood!  After the joint is made we will provide any

extra pieces that you may need.

How will it go together?    Which way up?  Will you make

the trench for the joint in the short piece or the long piece?How many Joints?

These are some ideas that I found on an image search

for “Wooden toys” on GOOGLE.  They are all ideas

that I believe that I could adapt the design to make a

similar item using the housing joint that we will start


Open a Google image search for “WOODEN TOYS”,

or any topic that you think might produce images that

you could possibly adapt to use the housing joint to

make something similar.

School bus

Toy abacus

Q Toys Wooden Crane - Monkey Kids


Wood Wood Toys - Canada's Eco-Friendly, Economical Toy Store

My designs 

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Houora talk

 Today only the girls got to have a talk. Just to be clear the boys and girls separated into there own groups and had a korero. Today for our talk we learned about the phrase a Merry heart equals good medicine. We also did some stenches and learned some new things. The two main things I learned in this lesson was to always be grateful and to step out of my comfort zone. We also did a little prayer at the end. I really hope that you learn something from here and always remember to STAY SAFE! 

Point of view (POV) extnesion

 Today in our extension meet we were looking at the point of view of athletes. What I mean about that is athletes point of view when receiving some not so good things. In my slide I was focused on the athletes,family,trainer and the people from the home country. I was more focused on the amazing golfer Lydia Ko. Who is born in Korea, but plays for New Zealand. Now she has received some not so good things from the people from her home country saying why she doesn't compete with them. This was a really good activity to do because your learning to put yourself in there shoes. Also I know I didn't finished it all, but here is what I have for now. Anyways remember to STAY SAFE!