Monday, 14 June 2021

Information report-The Colosseum!

This was my writing task for the week. What we had to do was write information report about The famous Colosseum. Now in this information I explain about three subjects/topics. It includes The gladiators, Colosseum/ how it was built and the last being other things that happened. Under it is also my plan. The ideas are from my note taking. Have you ever been to Rome? Have you ever seen The Colosseum? If yes then with who? If no then would you go to see it? I hope you enjoy this writing. ENJOY!

The Colosseum is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It seems to be one of the most visited places in the world. Today in this information report, I will be talking about three subjects of the Colosseum. Those three subjects include The gladiators, things about the famous landmark. Lastly, some other things that have happened there.

First up is The Gladiators. If you didn't know that Colosseum was the home to Gladiators. One of the most famous Gladiators back then was a man called Spartacus. Anyway, the thing that attracted people was The Gladiators. Way back in the olden days, Rome people would like to watch Gladiators pretty much fight for their death. Not only did they have to fight for their life against humans, but also animals. Yes, you read this correctly. It would go from animals like Elephants and Tigers. Soon later bringing in animals like Bears and Bulls. 

Up next is The Colosseum and other things about it. Yes, this is weird since this writing is about The Colosseum. Anyway, you may know that The Colosseum is in the capital city of Italy. Also known as Rome. It is the largest Amphitheatre. Did you know that The Colosseum's original name was Flavian Amphitheatre? The Colosseum started in 72 AD. Made by Emperor Vespasian, with stones, bricks and concrete. This famous landmark could fit 50,000 people in it. Built by many slaves, this place was a whopping 620 feet tall (189 meters). The width of it is a whopping 156 meters wide (158 feet). It took eight whole years to make it. Wow, imagine building something for eight years so that you wouldn't be able to see it. Yes, Emperor Vespasian died before even seeing his creation. Although he had sadly passed, his son Emperor Titus opened it up in honour of his father.

Lastly, other things that have happened there. The Colosseum hasn't just had people fight for their lives. There have also been other amazing things that have happened there. One of those things included the Mock sea battle, or what some other people say the Naumaichai. The centrepiece of The Colosseum was a lake. What happened was that the water was even deep enough for an entire ship to fit in. Well, that did happen for only a short amount of time. Soon after the Mock sea battle or the Naumaichai came along The Hypogeum. The Hypogeum was an underground area. It would be the place where Gladiators would hold in. It was like a usual fight for your life. The only change was that the fighter could not see what their next challenge would be. Here is an example. If they released a tiger into The battlefield, the challenger would not see them until he finds it running and looking for it. A horrible thing that would also occur in The Colosseum was that they would execute criminals. Before being killed, they used the criminals in re-enactments of myths and stories. In 1349 a big earthquake happened, causing one side of it to crumble. 

To sum up, everything that has been stated in this information report. The Colosseum is a place full of history. From the beginning of it to The Gladiators. To this day thousands and millions of people go to visit this amusing landmark. It is still writing its own history and we just can’t wait to hear more. I hope you learned something from this. Thank you for reading!



Colosseum/how it was built 

Other things that happened 

Home to the gladiators 

    -stage sea battles

    -re-enactments of ancient myth 

Most famous thing about the colosseum was the gladiators 

           -They would fight for their death which attracted crowds

           -Successful gladiators would become celebrities

The city of Rome

Largest amphitheatre

Icon of Rome 

Endured nearly 2000 years

Original name Flavian Amphitheatre 

Started to be made in 72 AD

     -made by emperor Vespasian

     -made with stones,bricks and concrete 

Built by thousands of slaves

Could fit 50,000

620 feet

   -189 meters

   -512 feet


156 meters wide

    -158 feet or 50 meters tall

Take 8 years to build 

Vespasian died while building it

   -opened by his son emperor Titus

Mock Sea battles 


    -built on a site of a lake

    -water deep enough for ships to go in

    -drained out the water as soon as it was done

Underground area built after the Naumachia

    -Called the hypogeum

    -Gladiators trapped in there 

    - didn’t know what the next challenge was up


1349 big earthquake happened

    -caused  half of it to crumble 

The first few games held in the colosseum lasted 100 days  

              -Thousands of animals killed and fought 

              -Animals like tigers,elephants,bears and bulls 

Criminals were also executed there

   -used for re-enactment of myths and stories 


Fights and hunts were held in there for hundreds of years 

    -damage by fire and earthquakes 

Friday, 11 June 2021

Information report-Egypt and it amzaing things/history

This is my writing task for this week. I had wrote a information report. The information report was about Egypt. In this information report I have wrote about three subjects about it. The first one is the pyramids. The second one is about the pharaohs/rulers. Last one is about the other things they made. Have you ever been to Egypt? Have you seen pyramids? Would you go to Egypt? Anyway I hope you enjoy this information report and that you guys can learn something.

Did you know that the pyramids are home richest and most powerful civilization? They also get visited by millions of people. In this information report I will be explaining things about Egypt. I will be explaining the pyramids, the pharaohs/rulers and the other things they have built through the years.  

First up the pyramids. The great pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders. It is also the only one that is still standing to this day. Another thing about the great pyramid of Giza is that it is the largest pyramid and it is also the tallest man made thing. Even though there is the great pyramid of Giza there are also some other pyramids as well. Well more than 100. Nowadays they are either small or very damaged. If you ever wondered how long it takes to make it then here is your answer. It is said to be 10 to 20 years. I mean makes sense because you have to have 2.3 million stones that weigh 25 to 80 metric tons. That’s only one stone.

Now onto pharaohs/rulers. Menes was one of Egypt's pharaohs. Well actually he was the first. There was also a pharaoh named Khufu. Khufu  was an egyptian monarch.  Who was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty. Anyway Khufu actually got 2 temples to honor him. He also wanted to have a small temple for each of his wifes. By the way there were 3. Khufu's son and grandson built their own things as well. Did you know that they used to bury their pharaohs in the sand? Yes that is right. They would also bury their pharaohs with things that they valued. Those things sometimes included rings,coins and even jewelry. 

Lastly we come up with other things they built. Something that is famous till this day is the great sphinx. If you haven’t seen a sphinx it is a statue the Egyptians made. It is the head of a man and the body of a lion. It is approximately 73 meters tall. Which doesn’t seem tall at first glance. Another thing is flat tombs or mustba. It all started 4000  half thousand years ago. They are pyramids, but they are flat instead of going up to the top. They also built a pyramid of mastaba. Which is now called a step pyramid.

That brings us to the end of the information report. To sum up everything that has been stated in the writing Egypt is full of cool things. From the rulers to the pyramids to even the great sphinx. Egypt has a history of many things. That is why to this day people go and come to see Egypt and learns it history.  


Thursday, 10 June 2021

Doing an experiment at Tech!

Hi guys, so today at tech we did a very cool and interesting experiment. We also got to use some equipment that we had never used before. What we had to do was see the difference with hot and cold. We also got to used sugar as well. We had to see how long it would take for the sugar to dissolve in the different types of water temperature. My partner was Finau and we had so much fun. One thing I liked about was testing the new equipment.  There are some pictures at the bottom on what were the things we used. I can't wait for next week to see what we do next. ENJOY!

Topic 3!


Measure an exact amount of sugar and dissolve in water to make solution


 A weighing machine

A petri dish

Table sugar

Two 200 ml beakers

Water in a pouring container

A pipette 



Stop watch 


Check the temperature before testing it. Now see if your temperature went down. This is with the cold water. Then  measured 10 grams of sugar. After that get your stopwatch. As soon as you add in the sugar then start your timer.Start stirring the sugar with the water with a spatula. Once the sugar has fully dissolved then you stop the stopwatch.Usually the time would take about 1:30 seconds or around that time.Now repeat the same things with the hot water.


Temp of the cold water:23

Temp of the hot water:77

Time taken to dissolve in cold water:1:38 sec

Time taken to dissolve in hot water:22 sec

The Jacket- Part 1

This is my reading task for the week. It is about the Jacket. In this slide it has some question about the story. By the way this is a chapter book. I will be doing a lot of presentation about this book. The reason being is because there are 7 chapters. Anyway I hope that you guys enjoy this. Stay tune fore part 2 soon!

Wednesday, 9 June 2021