Thursday, 15 July 2021

Trip to Mangawhai!

So I had just gotten back from an AMAZING PLACE in New Zealand. That place is Mangawhai. Mangawhai is a place up north. My family and I got to go there for 4 days. Let me tell you it was worth the 2 hour and 30 minute drive. Yes 2 hours and 30 minutes. Well that is if you look up on the map and see if there is a shorter way to get there. 

So on Sunday my uncle and aunt planned a trip for us to go  to Mangawhai as I said before. The only problem was that it was a 2 hour and 30 minute drive. Which is very long. but we got through the drive. We arrived at the house and oh boi was it good. It was very unique. The reason why was because it was like a 3 story house. So here is how the levels went. On the first level was all the rooms and had a mini living room in it as well.Another thing that was there was a bathroom and a toilet.Anyway the second level was literally just the entrance and the doorway to the balcony. The last level was the kitchen and the big living room. Oh and did a mention the there was a backyard as well. There were also many doors to the balcony. I also forgot we also got a really nice view of the beach considering that we were very very close to it.

We settled into our rooms and I decided to have the bunk bed room. I kindly shared it with my aunt. After everyone settled into there room we all went upstairs to play with the board games. The games we had brought were Cards,Scattergorie,Puzzles, Bingo,Snakes and Ladder,Chess/Checkers and Jenga. We also had Bananagrams which were the owners game. We all rushed to play Bingo. After a couple rounds we went to sleep.

The next night we got to do a family game night. It was really interesting because I did a random generator for the teams and it was boys verses girls. Well I was the only girl on the boys team. The first thing we played was Bingo and that went to the girls. We then played a couple games of Talamu, which is a tongan card game. That game went to my team. Since we were taking a lot of time on the games we had to call it a tie. Everyone started to go to sleep, but me,my sisters,my uncle and aunt decided to play a game rounds of Scattergorie. It was really and we had a little argument just because my uncle thought that Peppa pig was made after I was born, but he was wrong because Peppa pig was made in 2004. So yeah. My aunt later taught me and my sister Inga a game called same page. Where one person thinks of a word and says a the letter by letter. Then the other players have to come up with a category starting with that letter but have to say it at the same time without having a conversation. If they say the same word then the person has to give the next letter up. 

On our second to last day it was sunny so we got the chance to see the beach. We didn't get to swim enough though we begged for hours, but at least we got to go there right? The waves were really BIG and we also saw some other local places as well. We went to there shopping centre,there park nearby the beach and even stopped for a little look at the museum. I really didn't want to go back to GI (Glenn Innes) but we really missed some of our family members. 

The last day we all packed up and left. We went through some amazing sites. We also got some cool photos of the Waiwera river which are below here. I had a lot of fun going to Mangawhai and I hope to go there again.  

Sorry couldn't get a photo of the house, but here are some photos from the balcony at the first and some backyard pics as well.

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