Friday, 14 February 2020

My caving experience narrative

Have you gone caving before?Oh well I’ll tell you that you should always go to the instruction that they give or else, well you’ll find out soon. Caving is something terrifying and really fun to do if you listen I guess. I’m going to tell you something before you read on.Always and I mean always prepare for the worst because you may think that a cave is okay,but it really isn't. 

On a sunny Saturday my cousin came over to ask me if I wanna go caving with him and friends. At first I thought he wanted something until he showed me a photo of our Auntie doing it. I thought he photoshopped it, but wait there’s more.He said if I go with him and his friends we would get fifty percent of it because it was their tenth anniversary.Beside we don’t even have to pay because apparently my cousin was friends with the son’s manager. So I jumped up and yelled yes. I was second guessing myself because I would usually say no but why not. Also it was the best caving scent. It was the Waitomo caving place.

On our way I was sweating my palms off because what if I fall or am I even brave enough,like all of that stuff. When we arrived there I dreamt of it being all cool and exciting, but it was just a big hole and people lining up to go down in groups. I saw that there was a lot of equipment to wear. Things like helmets and rope like all that stuff.

Walked inside to see what we were doing and something more like someone popped out of nowhere. She gave me a jump scare on the perpisis. She said that we had to go to the corner and put on our gear. First was the harness then the helmet with the flashlight I mean was really necessary. Then a horn blew. The manager's son said if you are 8 and over please come to the hole. 

We walked over and oh boy there were only three groups.After the manager’s son started to explain the instructions but I didn’t pay attention at all. Until a huge noise came down from the hole. It sounded like a lion mixed with a bird. I know right!

Then I took a peek down and oh my gosh it was so dark and I think I should have just listened to the instructions instead of wondering around. After looking I had just forgotten that no-one knew that I was gone. So I quietly rushed back so that nobody knew that I was gone anywhere. 

Guess what you’ll never believe what happened, the manager's son called me first to put my harness on. I didn’t even know what to do even when my cousin was showing me a video he took of the manager’s son. Anyway I just acted like I knew how to do it until he walked away to another group of three. He whispered in my ear that I needed to demonstrate it. So what I did was that I called out my cousin to show me the video he took and oh man that looked so hard to do but at the same time scaring. At this point I didn’t even wish I came. 

Once all the equipment was on they sent me down. I had no choice but to walk backwards down the whole to explore the cave. On my first step down I also slipped off the wall of rusty old black rocks. While I was descending the cave I could hear rocks collapsing down and that sounded scary. Then I saw a group of bats that were soaring through the air.After about 7 minutes I could smell clay and it was so disgusting. 10 minutes later I finally reached the ground and straight away I saw rocks.

I was wandering around for at least 15 minutes and still I saw nobody.Then I saw a glow worm and moved to wards it until I got bitten by a bat. I started feeling weird and I tripped over a rock and went into the water. I was so lucky that I had a life jacket with me. While I was almost about to drown I saw a beam of light and started to swim towards it. When I reached it I saw my cousin coming down and it turned out that I saw all the way back at the start. 

As soon as I went out I paid and rushed to the car with my cousin. Then I told him I am not going to go caving ever again.

This is my caving narrative and I hope you enjoy

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