Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space bong

One day as I was walking down to my house a strange funny looking creature pop up in my space watch.I search for that creature,and it was an alien.So I said “hi what is your name”, the alien replied “greeting my name is Kazmo and who are you” I said “I am space girl Angelica what is your problem sidon”. The alien said “oh about that my whole planet has no more gardens,flowers,and animals.I said to the alien “what planet are you in  so that I can come and see how it happened.The alien said I’m in planet Bong. Later that day I went to  put my astronaut suit on,and ran as fast like a cheater to help Kazmo.

After I blasted up into space.I past a milky way then Mars and there it was planet Bong it looked as sandy as the beach without water. I felt depressed for then but as soon as I fix there planet I would feel amused.After a while I got there.Kazmo shouted “ Angelica ain't I glad to see you look at this place it is just sandy and dusty”I replied to Kazmo “so am I supposed to meet up with your master or something” Kazmo said “oh right you mean Jasper he’s  our master.I  said “wow your planet has a secret lab so awesome” Kazmo said “I know right but  I don’t know why we have it but it is super cool”.Later I meet Jasper.I said”hello Jasper master of the alien” Jasper shouted “ greetings to you to Angeilca”. I asked “Kazmo why is Jasper so microscopic like a bug” Kazmo responded “it's just because the big ones are the youngest and the mini ones are the eldest and oldest.

Lastly we had to think how to get this problem solved.I told Jasper “Jasper do you have water on your planet” Jasper replied “no we don’t have water” l said “Jasper that is why your planet has no  gardens,flowers,and animals because you need water to help it because you already have the lightness but you need water” Jasper responded “Angelica where are we going to get water from there is just nothing” I said to Jasper “ i'll  asked my space mates to bring a massive bucket to bring water so that you can have all your things back”.After Kazmo yelled “look around everybody there is Angelicas space mates are here with the bucket of water”.

At the end my space mates tipped the bucket on the planet and it was wonderful. Kazmo said “Angelica thank you very much for your help to me and my planet” Jasper came and said “for saving our planet we would like to give you our tropice of saving” I said “ thank you and I will miss you I will never forget you”.So I went back home.

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