Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Oro

Today we went to Te Oro to see different schools and what they have been learning about this term. First we went to room 1 which was Ruapotaka  they recycle lost of things.What was my favourite school projects were Tamaki  primary they were awesome they even talk to us about what happened. My favourite thing was the kapa haka group.

My learning about proper noun

  1. on monday i went swimming at the glen innes pools.
On Monday I went swimming at the Glen Innes Pools.

  1. mr. burt had wacky hair on friday.
Mr Burt had wacky hair on Friday.

  1. miss davis was born in auckland, new zealand.
Miss Davis was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

Today we were learning about proper nouns

Friday, 7 April 2017

My superhero

this week we have been learning about superheros the love the environment 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

My study animal

                           this week my whole group was studying the ugly animals

Duffy books the hunt for the golden book

Yesterday we had opera singers come and gave us books for our whole school.I got the  hunt for the golden book it is about a mouse that is looking for a golden book.I can't wait to read it it's going to be awesome.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

my Animal

this week my group was learning about the ugly animals in the world


My verb learning

                                                         Today  I have been learning about verb
04 April 2017
Watch the video on your slide

We are learning about the definition of a verb.

Read Going Fishing by Allyson Ross.  Highlight the verbs in the story that describes the action or doing words.

Going Fishing.

It was still dark when Mum crept into my room.  “Wake up, Finn.  We’re due at the marina in half an hour,” she whispered.  Blinking and yawning, I struggled into my clothes.

Our whole family had chartered a boat as a special treat for Dad’s birthday.  We were going fishing!   Peter, the captain welcomed us on board, and we all rushed off to explore.  My little brother Eli, got to try out the captain’ seat.
Then the engines rumbled, and the boat started to move.  We glided down the river and out into Lake Taupo.  There were hardly any other boats on the lake.  In the distance, we could see Mount Ruapehu covered in snow.  When Peter shut the engines off, it was suddenly very quiet.  All we could hear was the sound of waves slapping against the boat’s hull.

Peter showed us how to cast our fishing lines out into the water.  Then we waited …  and waited ….  Suddenly, I felt a sharp tug on my line.  I yelped with excitement.  “Reel it in.  Keep it steady,” Peter said.  I wound in the line frantically.  I could see a big, silver fish turning and twisting under the water.

“There its is,” someone shouted as the fish broke the surface.  I kept my fingers crossed as Claire scooped it into the net.  The trout struggled as Peter held it against the ruler on the edge of the boat.  “It’s plenty big enough,” he announced. “Phew!”  I held it up proudly so that Dad could take a photo.

The lines had only been in again for a few minutes when Ruby caught a fish.  But this one was too small.  Peter gently put it into the water, and it swirled away out of sight.  After that, no one had any bites for ages.  I’d almost given up when I felt another tug on my line.  I could hardly believe my luck - I’d hooked another rainbow trout.  This one was big enough to keep, too.