Monday, 2 July 2018

My Mihi

                     Today we had to write about what would we feel if we said our mihi.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The kite story of Matariki

In a far away valley there lived seven sister. Each and every year the seven sister well the six would always bullied kites. One year the youngest sister was finally able to join the crew and make kites. They builded there kite and when it was done it was time to go. The eldest sister made her kite out of green flax from the harakeke bush. The second sister made her one out of the raupo bush. Next the third sister made hers out of the pink manuka tree. Then the fourth sister made hers out of the red and puriri tree. Later on the fifth sister did hers by a shiny silver and blue to show the river and fish. Then the sixth sister made hers out of the toetoe tree and it was white. Finally the youngest. Prettiest, and smartest one was creative then the others she made it out of shells and more so she can make a beautiful rainbow kite. Sonner the seven sister went out during the day and trod up the hill, but sadly Tawhiri-Matia the wind wasn’t blowing that day. Later the seven sisters fell asleep. As they were sleeping Tawhiri-Matia blow a gust of wind and the kites flew away. After The youngest awoke and started crying, she said ‘ where are the kites’. Somehow the other sisters heard her crying and looked for their kites. They tried looking everywhere, everywhere but the sky. The youngest sister looked up to the sky and yelled ‘ look there's our kites’. Then the eldest sister said ‘ Matariki those are your star and every year they will shine among the sky.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

making pikelets

Have you ever wanted to cooked something without your teacher helping all the time? While My class have and the first batch was too salty and the second batch it was yummy. Here's how we made it.

Everyone was sitting down and waiting for Miss King to bring the ingredients so we could make pikelets.As Miss King was putting it down everyone was excited to cook delicious pikelets.

When Miss King finally put it down we started, but wait she had to put how to cook it. Miss King choose Gabby to put the 1 ½ cups of flour in. Gabby scooped it with excitement and couldn't stop shaking. Next Ema came to put the teaspoon of baking powder. After Ema it was Aye Myat to do a small pinch of salt not big but small.Later Toa did the two tablespoon of sugar.Now time for the egg. Leonidas sat down and Tevita past him the egg and Leonidas smashed it on the edge and cracked it open, everyone laughed and giggled. After all that silliness it was time to tip and pour the milk.It was Finau to do the milk and her special friend and that was Keyana. So Finau opened the milk and poured while Keyana was holding the cup. Finau was trying not to spill it but then so did. After the hard bit now it was time for the easy bit. Vika mixed it first then it was Azalea, but finally me. Now for the cooking

Half of my group brang chairs well some didn’t. Everyone was dyeing to be the first. Later after half of the group had some it was time for them to tell how it tasted. They all said ‘ It was to salty’ The reason why because Aye Myat put a little bit more salt than we needed, but wait there more making and cooking to go.

Now it was time to do the second batch for the other half. Later we cooked it and tasted it. It was yummyer then the first batch.

After all of that it was time to finish.

My favorite part was getting a second one and the reason why because I helped to make extras.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


We made pikelets and it was fun and yummy

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Zoo trip

As I took a step in the cool ground my burst into piece. I was filled with excitement because I couldn’t think of what to see first. As we were walking to our meeting place everyone was crowding around an animal, and when I saw it, it just made my day. I saw a Red Panda and it was climbing. Now I was time to see some animals.

We all came together, and waited to see the animas. I was with Kiarah, Shayna, Kamryn,and Mariana. After we got to go and explored. The first animal we saw was an Otter. An Otter is an type of sea animal that you might see in different country or not. Next was the serval where the cheetah and baboon lived. We saw the baboon first in the area and it looked at us like a funny look at us , it even scratch it bum. After four minutes it was time to see the fast, flash cheetah. There were two one was sleep and one snuck from the back and came right up to the glass and I was scared. Later we had to go back and have morning tea.

The next thing we did was wait for our education to come and take us to the night forest where the kiwis were. Later we went with our education to the night forest. I was excited. When we got there we had a talk about the animals we were going to see. As we sat down our education was telling us about what kiwi eat, how big there egg is, what happens when the baby is born, and where you can mostly find them.The first thing she told us was were kiwis come from. She said ‘ the only country you can find kiwis are in New Zealand. The next thing she did was telling how big there egg is. Did you know that kiwis eggs are half of their body?. Well that was the first thing I learned about during the trip.The last and finally thing she told us was what they eat. What they eat is bugs any type of bugs.Kiwis sleep in the day and wake up in the day, so so told the parents and teachers to turn there flashlight off. As we took a step in it was dark, and what I saw was a kiwi. The kiwi came in front of the glass and was looking for some bugs to eat.There was also some more things like shells and butterflies. After we went outside to were the eels and birds were. We took a step and saw the eels. Our education told us a fact about eels. She said ‘ did you know that eels live and Tonga and come back when they grow up.Now it was time to go and see the birds. The education gave our parents a piece of paper of different type of birds. We only had ten minutes until lunch.After that ten minutes it was time to go back to our meeting place so that we could go to the bug lab.

We all went to the bug lab together. When we went in everyone was going crazy having fun but mostly playing with each other. Later having fun and all that stuff sadly it was time to go back to the meeting place to have some lunch and go on our last walk over.

After everybody finished they went to place to see more animals and some like us went to the kidz zone and had some fun. Meanwhile our group and another group went to see Africa to see the Zebra, Uno, and Giraffe. After a couple of minutes it was time to go back home.

I had fun because we got see and play around, but my favourite part was playing and eating food. Just can’t wait to go back and see the animals.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Algebra patterns

                                                  We learned Algebra patterns.