Saturday, 22 July 2017

my reading book

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My group was reading different book me and Keyana and Kharizma was reading queen of the pool thi is about a girl called selena and she was moving but she didn't want to when they got to there new house their was a pool so their mum said that they were going to learning how to swim because they never had a swimming pool at there old house but Selena didn't want to swim so her fried Ellie help her to swim.

I think you should read this book because…
Selena was brave to do the right thing and Ellie was a great friend to  encourage Selena to swim

My Favourite character was…

Ellie because she encourage Selena to swim and she was a good friend to Selena and her big brother Danny.

I love this book because even if Selena was scared of the water she went over her fear and did the right thing by saving Jade.

Dad why do we have to leave? Selena asked dad I like this place Selena said I don’t want to leave my friends Selena already knew the answer


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