Friday, 10 March 2017

The funnest day ever! In the life

File_001.jpeg                 It was a wonderful Last week because it was the Pt England picnic!

Before we left the classroom we checked if everyone was here.Then we got our bags and hats and went to the hall.When we got to the hall Mr Burt talked  to us how we were going to walk like Mr Burt said’ year 7 and 8 follow me and Mrs Nu is going to be at the back of the year 5 and 6  so no one can be left behind and teachers take your classroom when you are ready’.After we left to go to the beach to have some fun.When we got there Mr Burt talked to us about what we can do and what we can't do then we found  a spot where we could eat, get change,  swimming  and to lay down. After we ran of to play l was play with Kiarah,Julianna,Kharizma we were blinding a sand castle.Later when me Kiarah,Julianna,Kharizma finish we went to eat after we ate then  we came it was busted then me Kiarah,Julianna,Kharizma blinded another castle after Kiarahs mum came over to have lunch later after they had lunch Kiarah went home then Julianna  went with her mum to have lunch then Ozzy,Fifta,Jacob,frances came and helped to blind a castle.When we were almost finish me Kharizma went to make clay then after we finished making the clay it was time for the team 3 to get in the beach when team 3 finished there swimming they went to change then team 4 went swimming then team 5 went after team 5 finished Mr Burt called everyone to clean up and came then my classroom  was ready then we all went to the grass place then Mr Burt said a thank you praya for the wonderful day at the beach then after the pray a we all went back to school to wait for our family then we all throw  all of our bags  and watch our movies from last year then the bell rang and we all went home staff
I felt happy,pleased because it was a sunny day.


  1. hi Angelica

    i really really like your writing it is the best writing and i read it all night because it was so so so long and then i fell asleep this is real but you did a good job. from atawhai

  2. hi my name is jade i realy realy like your blog because i can read all of your blog everyday all i wanted to say is you are the best blogger in the world and you are talented

  3. hi Angelica i like your wirting