Thursday, 6 July 2017

My Tamarereti movie

My movie is about a Maori myth it s a story of Tamarereti and the taniwha It is about Tamarereti getting the stars back because his people were in danger He went out fishing and he took a nap.His waka beached itself to the other of the land.Tamarereti was hungry so he went to get one of his.After he ate all of it he saw some pebbles and he got as many as he could fit in his waka.He threw the pebbles up in the sky and Tamarereti could see the path to his home.Tamarereti got home.Later that day a visitor came it was ranginui he said "thsnk you for shining the night sky"but Tamarereti thought he was going in trouble after the talk Tamarereti slept.That is my Movie about Tamarereti.

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