Friday, 24 March 2017

My swimming lesson at the GI pools

Last  week my whole class went to the GI swimming pool to learn some lesson for swimming.I  felt  anxious because it was my first time getting in the  pool. What I was hoping for the water to be warm and it was warm.

Before we left the classroom we got our togs then we lined up  in two lines and went to the toilets to change to our  togs.After we got in our togs Miss Davis said   ‘everyone come on we don’t want to be late for swimming’. When everyone got  out of  the toilets we walked to the pool. When we were walking Miss Davis said ‘look at the creek what do you see in the creek’. Israel said ‘cans,plastic bottles, cardboard’.I felt sad that people won’t throw rubbish  in the bin.

Next we reached  the pool. Then we went for a shower before got in the pool. Next Kat talked to us about what is dangerous in a river,lake,and beach.What is dangerous in a river is rocks,logs,and some plant that could pull you down.Later we finished talking about the things that are dangerous    in a river we went to our instructor that is going to teach us.

My instructor name is Jess.In my group I had Israel,Suade,Kitione,Jermaine,Kharizma,Julianna,and Troy.First we had to put our heads under water for 5 seconds. Second Jess gave our kickboards.Third Jess told us to do our streamline, me and Kharizma went first then Troy and Suade after them it was Israel and Jermaine Then the last people Julianna and Kitione.Fourth we swam backwards.Finally Jess said ’you can swim back any way that we learned’.Lastly we swam back and high five Jess and   went out of the pool and got our towels and lined up to go back and change at class.I felt in the pool I felt nervous,afraid,scared,anxious,terrified.

What  I want for next time is to learn to how to swim like a mermaid.If Jess teach us I  would feel so happy because I have been dreaming of swimming like one.


  1. Hi Angelica,

    This is a fantastic recount about going to the swimming pools. Well done!

    I sometimes get anxious when I get into the water. I don't like feeling chilly, and cold water often takes my breath away! Usually at the swimming pool the water is lovely and warm like a bath, but often I find the ocean pretty cold to swim in.

    I also feel upset when people do not put their rubbish in the bin. It is such an easy thing to do, isn't it? I hate to think what our planet will look like if we keep polluting it.

    From Ms Nalder

  2. thanks Miss Nalder I also feel upset that people don't put there bin. I sometimes l also feel anxious Thank you for commenting
    From Angelica