Friday, 16 June 2017

My Tamarereti scpit

About seven hundred years ago there lived a very dangerous creature that lived in the mighty lake taupo it was the taniwha. The taniwha would gobble anyone who would emerge near by. Their  lived a little village on the edge of the mighty lake Taupo. In the village there was a boy called Tamarereti. One day Tamarereti awoke  and went to check his kete so that he could see that if there is some delish fish.When he tipped it down there was nothing, so Tamarereti decided to go out fishing to get some fish for him and his family.

Tamarereti grabbed all the fishing gear he had got and started sailing across the the mighty huge sea. After he caught three tremendous shiny scaly fish the wind died so Tamarereti deiced to a nap. Later that day after hours and hours the waka drifted itself and beached into the other side of the land. After Tamarereti awoke from his nap he was anxious  because the taniwha would come and gobble him up.

It was getting dark and Tamarereti was starving  he went to grabbed one of the fish he caught and lit a fire and cooked his tremendous fish. Meanwhile when Tamarereti ate his fish he saw some glistening pebbles. Tamarereti gathered as many as he could fit in his waka so that when he  sails he threw the glistening  pebbles into  the sky so that he can   see the path to his home. Bravely, Tamarereti sailed across the sea and started throwing the glistening pebbles up in the sky which they became stars. Tamarereti got home. That night forward Ranginui came and told Tamarereti ‘thank you for shining the stars were they belong your waka will be placed  in the village near the bay so people can remember that you got the stars back’ but Tamarereti thought he was going to get in trouble. After the talk Tamarereti went slept after his adventure.

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