Friday, 30 June 2017

My bunnie writting

This week I have been told to writ by our self

Long ago there was a town named England with wonderful people.Every single day there peace and quiet in the town.They were friendly and everybody in the town was happy.

Until the next day when people were  just enjoying the nice fresh air to breath in until the ground was shaking. Everyone fell to the ground and got back up.Later after the shaking stopped and then two enormous giant fuzzy bunnies hopped into the town and started attacking the town they hopped everywhere and destroying the shops and the house everyone shouted “ahhh the bunnies are destroying the whole town it is breaking down in pieces like a pizza” the  other said “we're going to die  in this place everyone.”

Look what is that?It is a plane a bird no it is animal control with a huge cage to put the bunnies in it.Finally they grabbed the bunnies and took them back to animal control.The next day one of the animal control people came and tell about the bunnies he said ‘the bunnies ate something and got bigger but we took it out and now they're in there right size and let them go but hey thanks for calling us see you soon.”Everyone was back in there peace world

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