Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The kite story of Matariki

In a far away valley there lived seven sister. Each and every year the seven sister well the six would always bullied kites. One year the youngest sister was finally able to join the crew and make kites. They builded there kite and when it was done it was time to go. The eldest sister made her kite out of green flax from the harakeke bush. The second sister made her one out of the raupo bush. Next the third sister made hers out of the pink manuka tree. Then the fourth sister made hers out of the red and puriri tree. Later on the fifth sister did hers by a shiny silver and blue to show the river and fish. Then the sixth sister made hers out of the toetoe tree and it was white. Finally the youngest. Prettiest, and smartest one was creative then the others she made it out of shells and more so she can make a beautiful rainbow kite. Sonner the seven sister went out during the day and trod up the hill, but sadly Tawhiri-Matia the wind wasn’t blowing that day. Later the seven sisters fell asleep. As they were sleeping Tawhiri-Matia blow a gust of wind and the kites flew away. After The youngest awoke and started crying, she said ‘ where are the kites’. Somehow the other sisters heard her crying and looked for their kites. They tried looking everywhere, everywhere but the sky. The youngest sister looked up to the sky and yelled ‘ look there's our kites’. Then the eldest sister said ‘ Matariki those are your star and every year they will shine among the sky.

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