Thursday, 7 June 2018

making pikelets

Have you ever wanted to cooked something without your teacher helping all the time? While My class have and the first batch was too salty and the second batch it was yummy. Here's how we made it.

Everyone was sitting down and waiting for Miss King to bring the ingredients so we could make pikelets.As Miss King was putting it down everyone was excited to cook delicious pikelets.

When Miss King finally put it down we started, but wait she had to put how to cook it. Miss King choose Gabby to put the 1 ½ cups of flour in. Gabby scooped it with excitement and couldn't stop shaking. Next Ema came to put the teaspoon of baking powder. After Ema it was Aye Myat to do a small pinch of salt not big but small.Later Toa did the two tablespoon of sugar.Now time for the egg. Leonidas sat down and Tevita past him the egg and Leonidas smashed it on the edge and cracked it open, everyone laughed and giggled. After all that silliness it was time to tip and pour the milk.It was Finau to do the milk and her special friend and that was Keyana. So Finau opened the milk and poured while Keyana was holding the cup. Finau was trying not to spill it but then so did. After the hard bit now it was time for the easy bit. Vika mixed it first then it was Azalea, but finally me. Now for the cooking

Half of my group brang chairs well some didn’t. Everyone was dyeing to be the first. Later after half of the group had some it was time for them to tell how it tasted. They all said ‘ It was to salty’ The reason why because Aye Myat put a little bit more salt than we needed, but wait there more making and cooking to go.

Now it was time to do the second batch for the other half. Later we cooked it and tasted it. It was yummyer then the first batch.

After all of that it was time to finish.

My favorite part was getting a second one and the reason why because I helped to make extras.

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