Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Peter rabbit

Peter rabbit and Benjamin climbed the roof. As they slid down Peter shouted “come on”. When they got on the washing line, they had to balanced so they don’t fall.Suddenly Benjamin fell off the washing line, but Peter grabbed him by the ear.

Benjamin and Peter fell in a pants.As they went down the pants Peter exclaim easy peasy lemon squeezy to Benjamin.

Mr McGregor pulled the pants down, Peter squaked “run”. As they were about to run away Mr McGregor exclaim “rats”.When they were running away from Mr McGregor they leaped into the cabbage and kept on running.

When Benjamin and Peter were running Mr McGregor appeared and hissed “hello” .They kept on running but then Mr McGregor was chasing them around.Peter puffed “ this guy is so much faster than the old one”. As they were running away from Mr McGregor they saw a hole and hopped in it.

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