Thursday, 12 April 2018

Mufti and wheels

Have you ever had a wheels and mufti day at your school? Well my school has and it was awesome from every single bit and i’ll tell you why.Everyone who wear mufti had to bring a coin so that we could raise some money for the year eight camp, but most importantly to have fun.

The first thing we did was we did some literary. Then when it was morning tea time. As we were eating we weren’t allowed to bring our wheels until it was lunch.As we were waiting me and my friends were talking about what was going to happen on lunch when we were allowed to bring our wheels. I was hoping to go on the bike track at school.After it was morning tea time we lined up to get ready to go in class. When me Kiarah, Adriana, and Shayna when told kindy to make our music on garageband to put into our movie. Later after one hour Miss Scanlan exclaimed twenty people to come and play chair tigge.After we played the game Miss Scanlan was telling as about the rules that we had to follow for the wheels.When it was lunch I got a bike ticket, so I was able to go to the bike track. As the bell rang I headed to class and we went inside and got told to finish of our work then do cool math games.

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