Wednesday, 2 May 2018

My machines

I used five out of six simple machines for my rube goldberg, that were called wheel, screw, ramp, pulley, and wedge.

First thing that happens is my ball (wheel) knocks down four dominos (lever). Which the last one knocks another ball (wheel) which the ball goes down a twisty slide (screw). Next the ball (wheel) rolls down on three ramps (inclined plane). Then it drops straight down to a box with a spring (screw). Which then bounce into two ramps (inclined plane) then rolls down one ramp (inclined plane).After the ball hits a car (wheel and axle) then the car hit another ball (wheel) then the ball falls into a box, but a pulley comes and picks the ball (wheel) in a bucket. Later the bucket tips down on a ramp (inclined plane) then the ball goes down a screw.Then it goes on three ramps (inclined plane) which lands on a scissor ( wedge) that cuts a balloon then the balloon floats up to pushes a button then it get pop.

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