Friday, 8 September 2017

My pinpal Writting

Malo e lelei friend,

Thank you for the wonderful letter and  Yes I do have brothers and sisters.I have two  sister and one brother. Friend do you have any playstation? I have four playstation.

Friend did you know that it is Tongan language week.I am Tongan and this Friday all the Tongans are going to perform a dance and the boys are going to do a haka. Do  you like Tongan dances?

Friend did you know that we went to the Stardome. It was amazing we got to play on the playground.Then we got to go in a room and learn about how our planet orbit the sun and how the sun gives us the sunlight.

Last Thursday me, Kiarah, Luisa, Julianna, Gabby, Kolopa, Le’shar and Miss Davis went to the Romeo and Juliet ballet show.On that day we got on the bus the bus had a toilet,certain,tv,seat belts,radios,pockets,and fans.Later we got up to the place and we all were so delighted.When we got of we went to the sit theater. Then we had to wait for 6 minutes to get in the theatre. After we got into our seats we were at the back row.When it started we were all clapping.Later got to see a lady and she told us when our school name we clap or cheer.After we the show started.At the beginning there was a two  family that hated each other. My favourite part was the part that they.

Thank you for reading.

From Angelica

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