Friday, 22 September 2017

my amazing rocket writting

This week we were writing about a rocket
My rocket booster are as red as fire.It has a safety helmet to breath in space. It also has a badge shape as a puppy’s paw. It’s main colour is an icy shady blue.

As I was walking down the path I felt scared because it was my first time going to outer space. When I went into my rocket it was as shiny as a crystal.Later after a long time my rocket started to shake side to side.When it counted down the big loud voice man counted down ‘3,2,1,0,…’

As I blasted of into space I saw the fastest comet ever. In space it is as dark as a hole in the dark. Later as I was going I decided to go to the hottest burning fire planet in the solar system and it was Venus. When I got to Venus it was as hot as a fire. As soon as I got off  there was nothing over there. After awhile it started to get foggy and dusty. Then later I started to explore Venu. When I was walking on Venus I forgot the that Venus was a rocky midget. On Venus it is a very rocky planet. Venus is the second planet in our solar system. Venus take two hundred and twenty five days to orbit the sun and it has no moons around Venus.

Afterwhile I decided to go to another planet and was Saturn.So I took of and went passed Earth, Mars, Jupiter and there it was Saturn the planet with rings.After I started looking around the rings,did you know that Saturn rings are made out of the strongest rocks like metals.As soon as I landed it was beautiful.Out of nowhere there was an alien and its name was Alex.Soon we we talk for one hour and it was a long day so I decided to go back to Earth and have a rest.So I went and I said goodbye to Alex.Then I got home.

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