Thursday, 4 May 2017

My story of Tamarereti and the Taniwha

Long ago there was a  dark black sky that didn’t have stars. It had  a black murky sea.There was no stars, so  the people in the village couldn’t see a thing and that was horrible.

There was a  horrible sea creature called the taniwha that lived under the sea. The taniwha didn’t like people because the  people were scared of the taniwha because  the taniwha would swallowed them up so they never fished in Lake Taupo. The taniwha didn’t come because he was scared of the sunlight so it never came out it only came out at night.The taiwha stomach was rumbling and tumbling.

One day Tamarereti woke  up on a  hot sunny day, he checked his kete but there was nothing in the kete, so he was  starving.

Tamarereti went out fishing for food for him and his  family so he got his fish hook and threw it to the sea.So he catch three big fishes the first fish had shiny scales.

So Tamarereti took a long nap after he bashed on land and Tamarereti would take forever to get back to the village.

So Tamarereti took out one fish and set a fire to cook his fish. It got dark and Tamarereti was scared that the taniwha was going to eat him.

So Tamarereti had a  idea he saw on the corner of his eye some he gather some up.

So he rowed and stared threw all the pebbles up in the air to light his path back to the village so he sailed so when he got he went to sleep.

So Tamarereti saved his land from the taniwha and the star shone bright.

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