Friday, 17 March 2017

the tiny dragon

The world’s smallest dragon is an amazing creature, it is so tiny that it sit on only two fingers of a human hand.The amazing dragon is a creature that has see through wings and it also blows fire from its mouth. When the dragon blows fire smoke comes out from its nostrils.Did you know the dragon haves shining scales it even has spiky tails.Have you heard a dragon's horn is as sharp as a knife.

Caring for this creature is a challenging task and should not be taken on without serious thought. To take care because it is my responsibility to look after the dragon.If my dragon wanted something I would make her a bed with pillow,blanket. every 1 hour I would give my dragon a treat if she does a trick.If Sparkle is sick I would get her in bed and tell her favourite bedtime story and give some nice warm soup  so she can have some rest.

Dragons are playful creature and they love to play games with children.
If none was at home I would take my dragon to school so that she could play with me and friends. I would pack treats, tiny drink bottle, and some books so that she can read.If my dragon wanted to pee I would have a little bag so she can pee. After my lesson and it’s lunch time I would give my dragon her marshmallows so that she can roasted  them to make some s'mores.

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