Thursday, 2 March 2017

the opening bike track

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Last week Pt England,and the room 14 ,and the kindergarten school went to the bottom field to the grand opening bike track.When we got there we sat down on the grass then the bike track was opening  .

First before we left the classroom we packed up and got ready to go.Then Miss Davis called everyone to  come to the mat then after we all got our hats.After we lined up in a respectfully line.Then we walk to the bottom field where the bike track open was.We all sat down on the grass it felt  and the bike track was starting.Mr Burt went up and told what was happening. After two prefects came and said a prayer for the bike track.When the prayer finish the Kapa Haka group year 5-8 sang a song to the variety  club.To  say thank you for giving our school a bike track and the bikes. Mr Burt said ‘thank you Kapa Haka group for performing that dance let us  give a around of a claw for a fantastic song’.  Later something came out from the shed it was 50 bike’s then all Mr Jay rider jump on the bike’s and two kids got scissor and the two perfects came to count down for the scissors 1,2,3,cut it said the two perfects and then the bike track was open. I felt happy, excited, cheerful and thrilled  because they gave us bikes and a bike track.

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