Friday, 2 March 2018

my sketching story

Last week on a wet cold freezing day my class went out of school to go to a place called Omaru Creek to do some sketching. The first thing had to do was to get our math book and pencil.The next thing we did was we had to come back to the mat and wait for the next intrusion.After a while Miss Scanlan said “every go and line in your group lines outside”. After everyone was lined up that’s when we went out of school. While we were walking out of school the teacher’s said “please do not press the button on the pole because the drivers will get angry”. As we were walking down we were thinking what we would see at Omaru Creek. When we got to Omaru Creek Mrs Crake handed out medium size paper.Later we started to sketching Miss Scanlan gave me Julianna and Keyana some advices of how to sketch the trees.Later we started,the first thing I sketch was the grass, flax, and bushes.The next thing I sketch was the lake, trees, and ducks.After a couple of minutes Miss King said “if you think your finished then come with me”. I wasn’t finished but Keyana was. Later me and Julianna were finished, we went with Miss Scanlan and Mrs Crake. As we were walking back to class me and Julianna were adding more details to our picture.When we got back Miss Scanlan and Mrs Crake explained what we had to do. Then that's when we started to paint Miss Scanlan said we could even pair with a friend, I was paired with Julianna. We got a large size paper and we started I started drawing first then painting.I first painted my green paint then my blue paint. It wasn’t that easy because we weren’t allowed to get paint on our clothes. After when it was nearly morning tea Holly got paint all over herself.When we packed up we had to put our painting on a blue sheet. We look and there was a huge mess on the carpet and the sink to some all of us cleaned it up After morning tea me and Julianna were told by Miss Scanlan to go on our chromebook or ipad.Later while we were on our devie I was on paperless and Julianna was on math whizz. On friday we started our colouring I already did some because Julianna wasn’t here. But we finished our colouring. It wasn’t easy because we had to press it down really hard so that the colour could stand out more.After we did the outline with the dark black then that’s when we were finished. When everyone was finished we did some free time.

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