Tuesday, 14 November 2017

my writting

Later week as I was arriving at school I was extremely excited to go to the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Before we left school we watched some of the Pt England movie that we weren't going to watch on the giant screen.

After a couple of minutes we went of to Hoyts Cinema in Sylvia park.When we got on the bus it was rumbling and shaking. After we went and we  played  hand games, singing songs, doing challenges, and  playing I spy. As we went we were talking about what we will expect in the movie,and what we will think about it.

Later when we got there we went inside,we were also going with another school called Tamaki Primary school they came to join us. When we got in we sat in our chairs, Miss Davis said ‘three to a seat’ and me Julianna, and Keyana sat down on our comfortable seats, as we sat down it got dark and darker until it was dark like a cave.Then it started, we were excited as it began.After Noah talked we watch the first movie and it was called Our School Tamaki Primary another was The Wrong Movie,What do you bring to the table,Sugar rap,Clayien, and my favourite one was The real story of Peter Pan.

After all those movie we had  head back and ate some lunch. I can’t wait for next years manaiakalani film festival. I wonder what I will be the presenter,main character, or even the storyteller.What do you wanna be in the film festival next year?

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  1. Hi angelica it is me Mariko I like your writing keep the good work angelica.