Friday, 17 February 2017

Duffy show

Last Tuesday room 14 and the junior classes came to see the Duffy show.The Duffy showed happened  in the hall.When we got in the hall I was happy.We learnt about keeping the plants safe and watering  them everyday.

First as Duffy was reading his three books outside in the shade.Then something was in the air .Duffy said’ what is that a bird a bee it could be anything’. then something showed up it was a superhero. Duffy didn’t believe her .The superhero name was Global Girl to help people. Global Girl said ‘hi Duffy nice to meet you’ Duffy replied  ‘nice to meet you too’.Global Girl asked ‘Duffy l need your help to save the world Duffy said’ what me to save the world with you oh no no no l’m not a superhero. Global girl sayed ‘Duffy you don’t need superhero powers just be you’. Global girl said ‘hold on we're going to fly in the air now. where in Australia now .Duffy said ‘in Australia where its hot’. Global Girl said ‘yep where its hot’ .yum yum yum these trees are yummy .Global Girl ask  ‘who said that ‘’ me’ said the strange animal. Global girl said ‘what are you ?a bird a monkey’’ no ‘ said the strange animal l.m a Koala’ Global Girl and Duffy said ‘a Koala if you are a Koala then show yourself .‘ ‘Ok’ said Koala .Koala  said ‘here l am ‘ Global Girl and Duffy said ‘oh l guess we were wrong about you we're sorry. ‘ Global Girl could hear a noise close to them it was a fire monster.It  appeared in the bushes coming out it was getting closer and closer and closer then Global Girl made it rain all the way down it burns the fire monster and come droning . Koala said’ thanks for saving my life you're my hero .By the way my name is Wanda’ Global Girl and Duffy said ‘see you later Wanda’. Global Girl said ‘are you ready Duffy .‘‘Duffy said ‘ l guess ‘ .Global girl said ‘ok 1 2 3 here we go. ‘ Now we're in the Kenya deserted’ said Global girl Duffy said in the Kenya Deserted? where it's hot. Good that l got my water bottle’. Then something appeared from the ground it was the queen of the walk to her throne quiet  then she ask Duffy ‘Duffy l need to drink some please give me some just please lm very thirsty ‘. Ok’ said Duffy here you are your Majesty. Duffy said the queen said ‘Duffy Global  Girl  the roses are dieing from no water we have had no storm ‘ Duffy and Global Girl said ‘were go to save the Kenya Deserted’ the queen said ‘goodbye Duffy and Global Girl’. Then they flyed all the way to Global Girls plant  they went to Global Girls sentences  room to make clouds and elephant toothpaste they start then when they were finished Global Girls boss came in she said ‘Global girl you have failed your mission that means you're fired from being a superhero you will come back the apartment and pack up your staff’.Duffy said ‘no Global girl didn’t meant to do that staff were go back then Australia Kenya Deserted came back and they fixed everything then when it finished we sang the song i'm so happy that Duffy and his crew came to play another play can’t wait for next time.   


  1. hi angelica
    i love how you put detail into your writing. well done. from kiarah