Friday, 1 April 2016

My reading

If l was a bunny l would go to the easter factory to get the eggs to take them to kids. But every time the Easter bunny hides eggs in the grass and bushes from the kids. The next day the kids would wake up and try to find them. It is fun to be an Easter bunny because you have to give Easter eggs to the whole world. That's why Easter is important to all of us.

But then something went wrong in the Easter factory. All the tools stopped and the Easter bunny said "oh no! What's going to happen in Easter?" She hopped and hopped and she showed up to her friend piggy. "Who will get the Easter factory working again?" "Well" said piggy, "I can fix the factory." "ok" Easter bunny said and away they went. Then piggy said "oh no I'll fix it in no time." Then he started working and he fixed the Easter factory. Easter was saved!

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