Friday, 2 September 2016

Pictures gold


  1. Hi there Angelica,

    I really like the way that you have been showing your working out and telling me how you worked that question out to get your final answer. I look forward to seeing your amazing work post onto your blog. Keep up the Great Work.

    From Roimata Ru.

  2. Hi Angelica,

    WOW! I love seeing how you have used sharing to complete these division problems. It's great that you can move the objects around on the screen and share the photos straight onto your blog. I really like how you have added the sum onto the slide as it helps show the learning to everyone.

    Thanks for sharing to your blog.


  3. Hi angelica it your sister i really like how you figure it out and trying. Also i like when you show us what it mean and show us how many group and equal it good job and i also gave you a comment.Because you a showing the people keep up the good work bye!